Gail Miller Bisher, Canine Fitness Trainer

Live a Healthy Canine Lifestyle™

Canine Fitness Trainer™ Gail Miller Bisher's mission is to educate pet lovers about living a Healthy Canine Lifestyle™ 

She developed the Super Fit Fido Club™, to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. Just like all of us, dogs need exercise to be healthy, happy and mentally alert. Developing and sticking with a regular fitness program is critical for maintaining a healthy pet.

Her fitness training programs based on over 30 years of experience consist of controlled exercises developed to improve your dog's overall heart health, flexibility, balance, core strength, muscular endurance and provide mental stimulation. 

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As a Canine Fitness Trainer™, Gail Miller Bisher teaches pet owners how to become their dog's personal trainer for life. Each dog has unique dietary and exercise needs to reach his highest level of fitness. In group workshops canine health and fitness guidelines are discussed then each dog and owner team is given a specific fitness plan based on their needs.

Gail is available to conduct canine fitness workshops for fitness clubs, dog training clubs, corporate wellness events, etc.

Fitness education includes:

  • Canine health and fitness information
  • How to live a Healthy Canine Lifestyle™ 

Individual dogs:

  • Assessment of health, fitness level and diet
  • Development of dog-specific fitness goals 
  • Custom designing of a fitness program to achieve those goals in an efficient and safe manner
  • One-on-one mico-workouts with Trainer
  • Tracking tools for the pet owner

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