Gail Miller Bisher, Canine Fitness Trainer

Live a Healthy Canine Lifestyle™

Canine Fitness Trainer™ Gail Miller Bisher's mission is to educate pet lovers about living a Healthy Canine Lifestyle™ 

She developed the Super Fit Fido Club™, to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. Just like all of us, dogs need exercise to be healthy, happy and mentally alert. Developing and sticking with a regular fitness program is critical for maintaining a healthy pet.

Her fitness training programs based on over 30 years of experience consist of controlled exercises developed to improve your dog's overall heart health, flexibility, balance, core strength, muscular endurance and provide mental stimulation. 

In The News

Contributor to article regarding dog fitness.

Interviewed for upcoming article regarding dog fitness in Dr. Oz The Good Life.

Helped Lab owners across the country learn about the importance of canine fitness training. Visit:

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The complete canine fitness training book from Gail Miller Bisher.



A Few Reviews...

“Hopefully more dog lovers will ‘GET THEIR FIDO FIT’ with Gail Miller Bisher, who could very well be on the leading edge of an exciting and innovative new movement in canine fitness and well-being. Gail’s enthusiasm, passion and canine sports experience are the foundation of her SFFC program.” Donald F. Smith, DVM, Dean Emeritus, Cornell University CVM (Named the 2008 New York State Veterinarian of the Year.)

“It seems these days we’re indulging our dogs more than ever, and why not -- they want to spend time with us and we want to spend time with them. Here’s a way to create time together that gives the wonderful gift of fitness and health - and a fit, active dog is every bit a pampered, happy pet. With a lifetime of dedication to dogs, Gail is uniquely qualified to spread the gospel of canine fitness.” David Frei Co-host, Westminster Kennel Club on USA Network


“Dogs and people are alike in at least one respect – It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. I believe that being proactive about fitness is key to preventing so many of the chronic, and expensive, health issues dog owners face. Get into the routine of physical activity and be more informed about what your dog craves in terms of exercise. This promises to be a whole new frontier for canine health that Gail is helping pioneer.” Chris Zink DVM, PhD, Canine Sports Medicine Consultant (Named the 2009 Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year by the AWVF.)

“These programs combine some of the most successful techniques in competitive training with the en­ergizing atmosphere of group exercise. It’s wonderful for your dog’s health, but equally as beneficial for the health of your relationship. I can’t think of a more effective way to bond with your animal.” Babette Haggerty, IACP CDT, Babette Haggerty’s School for Dogs

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